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Lakeview ChapelOur chapel was consecrated on August 2, 2000. It serves as a place for worship and a place to remember that we belong to the family of God. The three large windows remind us that we worship a triune God, who created all that is, who came to this earth for our redemption, and lives with us here in our world today. The symbols of the ten small windows bring to mind the scriptures and experiences we have had as our spirits have grown. The light coming through the upper center windows causes us to recall that God's light should always be at the center of our lives. The large number of green plants remind us of the everlasting life which comes to those who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Many of us remember gathering as a family around a table in our homes. We have good memories of the times we celebrated holidays and family reunions around a table. The table, in the front center of our chapel, reminds us that we gather as a family to celebrate God's love and our membership in His holy family. As we see the table we recall times we stood before a similar table in our home churches, for baptisms, confirmations, and weddings, and the commitments we made to God and to one another.

As we leave the chapel the Resurrection window assures us that we can go forth into the world, with courage, because Jesus Christ lives. He lives within all those who have taken Him as their Lord and Savior.

Lakeview's Chaplain

As part of Lakeview’s services to our campus residents, Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center has a full-time Chaplain on staff to meet the spiritual needs of our residents.  One of the many responsibilites that the Chaplain performs is the Sunday morning campus wide worship service in our beautiful campus Chapel.  This is a non-denominational service open to our Maplewood independent living and Woodland Manor assisted living residents, and our long-term care residents at Lakeview.  The services are open to the general public, as well.  The Sunday worship service begins at 10:15 a.m., and most generally includes special music from local musicians and vocalists each week.  Special Christian holidays and observances are also celebrated throughout the year by special services. 

The Chaplain is busy throughout the week by providing Daily Devotions at Lakeview, and conducting weekly Bible studies at all three facilities on our campus.  A Wednesday morning Prayer Breakfast is also part of our ministry to the Maplewood residents. 

The Chaplain is always available for one on one visitations with our residents and their family members.  The Chaplain will come to the residents private rooms whenever called upon, or if the resident prefers, they can stop by the Chaplain’s office located on the first floor of Lakeview. 

It is in the Chaplain’s joy of serving others, that our Lord Jesus Christ is also served.

Lakeview Chaplain

Bruce Koskovich
507-235-6606 ext 242