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How much do you know about Lakeview?


  • How many employees are on Lakeview’s roster? .....157

  • How many new residents did Lakeview have move in last year? .....122

  • What year did the original Lakeview building break ground? .....1962

  • Who is the chair of Lakeview’s board of directors? .....Brad Musser

  • How many meals per day does Lakeview’s kitchen prepare? .....436

  • How many square feet is Lakeview’s campus, including Maplewood and woodland manor? .....170,000 sq ft.

  • What is Lakeview’s mission statement? ...To demonstrate God's love for His people by providing life enchancing services for older adults and their families

  • We recently received a donation of $1,000,000. Who was the one million dollar donor? .....Marlin Milbrandt

  • When (month and year) did Building Blocks Learning Center and Daycare make Lakeview campus their home? .....June 2016

  • What is the name of our therapy company? .....Aegis Therapies

  • What year was Lakeview’s Foundation established? .....1983

  • How many beds is Lakeview Licensed For? .....82

  • How many apartments are at Woodland Manor? .....24

  • How many apartments are at Maplewood Independent Living? .....42

  • What is the name of Lakeview’s “catering” business? .....A Taste of Home

  • How many checks were written in accounts payable for Lakeview Campus in 2017? .....2221 checks!

  • What are the hours of the activities staff? .....7am to 8pm

  • How many housekeepers are scheduled for the day? .....4 housekeepers

  • How many washing machines are in our Lakeview laundry room? .....4

  • What is the “Code” announced over the intercom in the event of a missing resident? .....Code Green

  • How many years as Deb Barnes been Lakeview’s Administrator? .....5 years


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