The last maintenance person has clocked in and another day

starts at Lakeview Methodist. The maintenance staff is

responsible for the care and upkeep of this gigantic beast of a

facility. 24/7, it breathes and consumes and processes and the

maintenance department is responsible for keeping this

creature alive and healthy.

Air needs to flow and it needs to be at a comfortable


Liquid has to run through the building to cleanse systems and

control temperature.

Vision is maintained by sufficient lighting.

Electrical energy courses through her, transferring information

from one section to another.

She has pieces and parts that need maintenance and repair.

None of these functions can stop for long without affecting

someone or something within the building and creating

symptoms to call attention to the problem.

She always needs to be attractive to those who visit her so her

grassy, landscaped tresses are regularly cut and groomed. Her

surfaces are cleaned, rinsed, disinfected, shampooed,

refinished, polished, buffed, and painted as often as necessary.

The nursing staff at Lakeview oversees and cares for the overall

health of the residents and our maintenance department does

the exact same thing for our building.

Like a child, we never know when she will fall ill so we are On

Call even when we are not physically with her.

Like parents, our care for her is non-­‐stop and long term.

~Kermit Brown, Maintenance Assistant