On our way to our intended goal, we have to take steps. There will be times when our steps will carry us a long distance and other times when we will travel less. During April of 2016, Lakeview will take some of her larger steps by installing some brand new air conditioning units. The units being replaced are on our West and North rooftops and some of them were originally installed over 30 years ago so they have given Lakeview and its residents many years of necessary and appreciated service. 

With our planned expansion, the old units cannot be expected to continue cooling our building sufficiently.  

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to properly undertake a project of this immense scope. Roofers, installers, crane operators, recyclers, certain Lakeview staff and electricians all have to coordinate as a team to see this project through to a successful end. The only person who refuses to cooperate is Mother Nature!  

~Kermit Brown, Maintenance Assistant, Work cell 236-6783