I once read that “you only have to get up one more time than you fall down.”  Well, legislatively speaking, this was finally the year that nursing homes ended on an UP note in Minnesota!  Landmark nursing home legislation overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives, thanks in great part to the massive support of our Representative Bob Guenther.  The path was not quite as easy in the Senate, but during the last days of conference committee our Senator Julie Rosen was a forceful advocate on the Senate floor, and the bill passed.

This new legislation will totally change the way we are paid by not only looking at our costs, but changing geographical divides, and thereby increasing our reimbursement.  The biggest push for this change was the desire to be able to pay sustainable wages, comparable to other industries, to the awesome and dedicated nursing home employees throughout the state of Minnesota!   This legislation takes effect in January, 2016, and we will share more of this law as we learn it!

So many great things are happening at Lakeview!  Our therapy department will soon be moving to the front of the building so while doing therapy one can look out at the beautiful view of the lake.  We can now accommodate residents who need IV therapy, and our new computer system is up and running.

WIFI is freely available to all on the nursing floors, so bring your devices and share your games and pictures with your loved one every day.

As you know we have big renovation plans for our building….new dining experiences, shopping opportunities, a spa…..all within our walls, and all available to the folks who call Lakeview home. So stay tuned!

~ Deb Barnes, Administrator