Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center has been named to the Safe Care for Seniors Action Honor Roll!

From LeadingAge Minnesota: 

Congratulations on being named to the Safe Care for Seniors Action Honor Roll!

We are honored to recognize your commitment to comprehensive safety and quality improvement. You have modeled the pledge and demonstrated action and outcomes that are ensuring the people you serve are safe from harm and that all who live and work in your settings are treated with dignity and respect.

LeadingAge Minnesota will recognize the 50 recipients named to the Action Honor Roll during the Thursday, Feb. 6 General Session at Institute and Expo. Our President & CEO Gayle Kvenvold will recognize your organization and staff team members who are present during her opening remarks. You and your team will be asked to stand in the audience as you are recognized by your peers.

Please make sure to attend the Thursday, Feb. 6 General Session. It begins promptly at 12:30 p.m. and this recognition is at the start of the program.

Once the Institute has completed, LeadingAge Minnesota will share the Safe Care for Seniors Action Honor Roll with our entire membership via the Advantage newsletter and social media channels, as well as distribute a public announcement to statewide media and national trade journals. We will also create an Action Honor Roll page on our website where your organization will be listed and provide you with an Action Honor Roll window decal.

Thank you again for your commitment and leadership in Safe Care for Seniors. The outcomes we are seeing as a result of this program are inspiring and are helping us to make strides toward our goal of zero harm in the course of caregiving.

United in our shared mission to keep those we serve safe from harm and to provide care with respect and dignity – always, Safe Care for Seniors helps create safe, trusted and inclusive environments that elders are proud to call home and give families confidence and peace of mind in all we do. 

Safe Care for Seniors is a safety and quality improvement program that will prevent the unintentional and intentional harm in the course of caregiving. Through our words and actions, we are committed to:

  • Respect and Dignity – Always… creating partnerships with providers, caregivers, seniors and their families.  
  • Speak Up. Take Action…empowering staff, residents and families to speak up if they see something unsafe or makes them uncomfortable and ensuring systems and supports are in place to respond to concerns.
  • A New Way of Thinking and Doing Things…uncovering new opportunities for learning and improvement when something unexpected does happen.
  • Quality Care and Services…identifying improvement opportunities and strengthening a culture of safety.
  • Improved Communication…creating open and effective communication among all who live and work in our settings.
  • Enhanced Engagement…engaging staff, residents and families in our safety and quality work.