What an exciting day…going home to your own bed after a stay at Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center! BUT…how will you get to doctor’s appointments without a car! And vacuuming will just be too hard, much less shoveling snow! It is going to be so lonely with no one around to visit and then…you can fill in the blank. All of a sudden excitement can turn to worry and even fear about being home alone.

That’s where CREST-Faith in Action comes in! CREST, in partnership with Lakeview, is there with their CREST Volunteers to provide a wide variety of services to help you stay in your home safely and happily. They are excited about providing transportation, light housekeeping and maintenance, even visits just to chat. Beginning in September, CREST will also start up a new service especially for Caregivers called Caregiver Consultant. Housed in Lakeview, the CREST office is easily accessible. Stop by or call 507-235-3833. CREST staff will be happy to explore your needs when home and work out a way to make your transition home easier.