Our new logo sports the tagline of “hope, heart, healing”.  Now you may think, hmmm, isn’t the nursing home where you go for long-term care because of an absence of health and healing??  The answer is “absolutely not” in many instances!  In 2014, 103 people were admitted to Lakeview Nursing Home.  After skilled nursing care from Lakeview’s talented staff and extraordinary speech, occupational and physical therapy from our Mayo Health therapists, 59 of those people returned to their homes!

Thus far in 2015, 69 people have entered Lakeview for nursing care, and a resounding 45 have of them have recovered, healed and returned to their previous environments.

These are the folks we had in mind with the words health and healing.  These residents go through rigorous daily therapy schedules with us to prepare for discharge and their return to independence.

There are of course those for whom we care that need daily nursing assistance and do stay long term, and others who come briefly when Hospice becomes a necessity.  For these residents health will not return, and heart becomes everything.  Our focus with these individuals becomes comfort, service, conversation, devotion, warmth.  A different focus, but no less rigorous.

~ Deb Barnes, Administrator