The Mission of Lakeview United Methodist Health Services, Inc. is to demonstrate God’s love for his people through a continuum of life enhancing supportive services for older adults and their families.  The Foundation provides funding to Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center so items may be purchased that would not otherwise be possible.  Through the Foundation, funding has helped with capital improvements, education and other special projects, to ensure quality health care and enhanced human services.  To provide this funding the Foundation relies on private donations.

The Priority of Lakeview’s Foundation is to provide funding to enhance direct resident care through the purchase of medical equipment, to promote our building and grounds through the growth and expansion; to provide scholarship support for Lakeview’s employees to further their careers in geriatric nursing; and, to significantly impact Lakeview’s ministry for future years to come.

The desire for the future Lakeview is for an at-home feel, neighborhoods, and an extension of the community.  Currently, 21.7% of Martin County residents are over the age of 65 and the need is growing every day from what used to be a hospital setting, to now an at-home setting.

~Mae DeWar-Aust- Foundation Director

507-235-6606  Ext. 229