In answer to the extreme shortage of nurses in Minnesota, our state legislature has made funds available to help Minnesota nursing homes award scholarships to staff who wish to enter the field of licensed or registered nursing.  Below are comments from a few Lakeview employees who have taken advantage of this great opportunity:

“Receiving this scholarship meant a lot to me because it helped me with both tuition and textbooks. I graduated last year with very less amount of student loans and I’m currently working as a registered nurse at Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center. I’m very thankful for Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center for granting me the Scholarship because I do not have to worry about how to repay the student loans.” 

“I am a mother of two, have two jobs, and go to school full time.  The scholarship program has helped me so much.  Due to the scholarship I do not have to work as much so I can focus on my studies and spend quality time with my family which is very important.  I really do not know what I would do if I did not have the scholarship.  Thank you Lakeview Methodist and also all the staff for being so great.”

“Scholarship has helped me greatly because my dad lost his job last year.  Without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to go to presentation college and stay home closer to my family.  I would have to move away if I didn’t have enough money o pay my tuition at presentation.  I am so honored to have been chosen as one of the people to give the scholarship to and for that I will forever be grateful,  since my parents did not have enough money to help me.”

“The scholarship through Lakeview Methodists Health care Center immensely helped me to complete my nursing degree with minimum student loans.  By reducing financial concerns, scholarship meant more time for studying and learning which helped me to get better grades in nursing classes. I never had to worry about how to pay for school or for my books. I’m very thankful for Lakeview Methodist Health care Center for granting me the scholarship opportunity to succeed my education at Presentation College.”