Lakeview is happy to announce that we are working closely with the Mayo Clinic Health System on a Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) readmission program.  What we are trying to really focus on is not having our residents in and out of the hospital and managing their chronic illnesses here at Lakeview.  Working closely with Adria Whiting, Nurse Practitioner, along with Dr. Jeffery Green, medical director at Lakeview Methodist and other physicians at Mayo Clinic Health Systems.  Residents that are admitted to Lakeview Methodist after a hospital stay with a diagnosis of CHF will be followed weekly by Adria Whiting for four weeks, then monthly for 6 months along with additional education with the nursing staff in regard to CHF management particularly in the long term care setting.

If you would like any more information about this program, or any other Nursing related questions, do not hesitate to contact me in one of the following ways.

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Bryon Nelsen, Director of Nursing

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