Your musical talents enhance our campus worship.

We at Lakeview Methodist are blessed to have volunteers from the community to come and share their musical talents at our Sunday morning worship service in our Campus Chapel.

Myrna Phelps volunteers to play for the majority of the Sunday’s per month, although we would welcome more volunteers to accompany our hymns at our 10:15 a.m. service to give Myrna more time to be with her family on Sundays, as well.

We are also blessed with the musical talents of Val and Curt Carrigan and Grace Brockman in the months that have a fifth Sunday.

We welcome all forms of special music to add to our worship, whether it be vocal or instrumental.

Please feel free to call me at Lakeview Methodist at 235-6606, when you want to volunteer your musical talents to enhance our worship experience. The Eternal benefits are out of this world.


Bruce Koskovich