Woodland Manor Assisted Living if very proud to announce our new nurse Danielle Roben.  Dani is from Fairmont, has 3 children, and is engaged.  Dani started out as a nurse aide at Lakeview, attended Presentation College thru the scholarship program offered thru Lakeview to graduate with her RN.  I encourage you to come out and meet Dani and see what Woodland has to offer for cares that you may need.  At the present time Woodland Manor has a one-bedroom apartment open.  Hurry in for a tour today. 

Our housing seniors on our campus stay active.  You can see them out taking daily walks about our campus as well as attending exercise classes.  Recently a few of our residents were busy husking corn for a picnic cookout that was held.  Some of the other activities our seniors enjoy are puzzles, book club, cards, and of course Bingo.

I would encourage you to check out the website Face Aging MN.  They have many wonderful stories about seniors on this website.  The following was taken from a video on their site.

“In a society that celebrates youth, we now need to face aging.  Our senior population is about to double.  We are rapidly approaching the day when seniors will outnumber school kids.  This shift in demographics wills significantly impact our care for our oldest citizens.  It is going to take the effort and ideas of everyone, families, caregivers, legislatures to create solution that works for MN.  You may not be one the oldest citizens but lucky one day you will be” FaceAging.org.

~Glenda Clifford, Housing Manager Woodland Manor/Maplewood Residence