Part of the plans for upcoming renovations at Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center in Fairmont include redoing the first floor, to create a sort of community hub with retail service that will be open to residents and the public.

As a preview of things to come, the Center opened a gift shop this week.

“It’s going to be called This and That because we’re going to have a bit of this and that in the shop,” said activities director and volunteer coordinator Jessica Gronewald.

While the shop is in the midst of the holiday season and is seeling appropriately themed items, it does and will include much more.

“We’re going to have decor, plants, ice tea and some specialty coffees,”  Gronwald noted. “We really think it will be a benefit to both residents and family members.”

According to Glenda Clifford, housing manager of Wooland Manor and Maplewood Residence, the shop will be run by auxiliar volunteers, and it is hoped that the ease of access for residents will make visiting wth family members and friends a simple process, especialy during cold weather, when going out can be an ordeal all its own.

“We also want to eventually have soup and sandwiches available, in addition to the opportunity for some good shopping,” Clifford said.

Though brand new, it seems te store will be a hit, as residents have already given some high praise.

“It’s been called cute and homey,” Gronewald said. “We even had one resident tell us that she might as well work here for all the time she’s going to spend here.”

Overall, the shop appears to be hitting the right note with both resdents and the general public.

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~Published by the Fairmont Sentinel on December 8, 2016.…