The Lakeview Maintenance Department is a 6 man team that sees to the overall smooth operation of all things related to Building and Grounds.

Lately, their primary concern has been dealing with effects of the weather. Just like the mailman, Lakeview employees need to be able to get to their jobs regardless of snow, rain, heat or dark of night.

Snow needs to be sufficiently removed from the parking lot and lot entrances so employee vehicles can enter and park. Then they need to be able to safely get into the building.

In order to accomplish this, maintenance staff is online to come in early if we experience 2 or more inches of snow overnight. A truck with a snowplow, a tractor with a bucket and good ole shovels and manual labor are all employed to see to it that all staff is able to safely make it in to work.

Building entrances are shoveled, scraped, and salted to improve safety.

All of this effort, time, and energy is in addition to addressing daily and preventive maintenance and repair of building and grounds issues.

Each of the maintenance team members normally focus on specific job duties and areas (plumbing, electrical, floor care, equipment repair and maintenance, heating, air conditioning, painting, grounds maintenance, etc.) but often, due to timing, each member is required to occasionally deal with issues outside of their normal realm. Because of the eventuality of inclement weather and its priority in being dealt with, work days can often become filled and busy in no time.

The maintenance department is presently keeping its ear close to the ground regarding the construction of our new facility to attempt to plan and prepare itself for projected changes in routine due to the change in the building and grounds landscape.

Best of luck, guys!